Terms & Conditions

NON GMO declaration

All vegetable varieties presently marketed by Russian Bazaar Seeds have been created using traditional breeding methods without the use of genetic modification techniques leading to genetically modified organisms

 The methods used in the development and maintenance of those varieties are aimed at achieving high purity standards and avoiding the presence of off-types, including genetically modified organisms. Seed production has been carried out in accordance with existing legal requirements related to marketing of varieties and seed production rules including stipulated isolation distances. The risk of adventitious contamination in seed multiplication areas although unlikely cannot however be totally excluded.

Germination of seeds standard:

To achieve our aim of providing our gardeners and commercial growers with the highest quality agricultural seed available that also fits our ethical profile, Russian Bazaar Seeds tests our seeds regularly for seed germination , vigor and for the presence of weed seeds. All the seeds we sell meet, or exceed the Russian standards established by the Russian Agricultural Standards for Seed quality. The number found on each package of seeds refers to specific lots, which we use for quality control. Germination varies each year.

Seeds per gram:

Our seed counts (seeds per gram) are estimates only, based on grower sample counts and the standards as set out by the Russian Agricultural Department. Seed counts vary with each harvest and lot, sometimes dramatically. This number is provided as a guide for gardeners and growers to calculate productivity. These seed counts are useful as ESTIMATES ONLY and do not always reflect exact seed counts. Our seeds are packed by Seed Packaging Machine, by weight.


Seeds are live products, and your success in growing our seeds depends on many factors, including weather and the skills and practices of the grower (such as soil preparation, proper planting technique, irrigation and weed control). These factors are completely out of the control of Russian Bazaar Seeds and are the responsibility and risk of the grower. Yearly germination rates are noted on each grower package.

Please note that the comments and advice contained on the seed packets are not a guarantee of performance of any seed product.  Any warranty / liability of Russian Bazaar Seeds is limited to the purchase price of the product. We do not assume the risk of non-performance, reduced performance or crop damage arising from our seed products.

If any seed item or garden accessory proves unsatisfactory, we will replace the item or credit your account, within 30 days of purchase.